We negotiate on behalf of our client for the purchase, sale or lease of Real Estate, offering advice on the market and rental value of the property. This includes:

Property Sale/Purchase

This entails the transfer of property ownership from one person to another and this we assist by:

  • General advice on property transactions.
  • Negotiating a fair price for the transaction based on fair market value.
  • Initiating and concluding search on title documents.
  • Ensuring all title documents are obtained and properly witnessed.

Property Letting/Lease Administration

This entails an aggressive marketing of the property and this we assists by:

  • Introducing the vacant property to prospective tenants.
  • Negotiating suitable terms in order to attract the right tenant.
  • Selection of good, credible and reliable tenants taking into account the security of further income.
  • Ensuring complimentary usage in relation to adjoining properties.
  • Collection of rent and remittance of same forthwith to the landlord.
  • Taking inventory for effective record purposes.
  • Formal handing over of keys and possession to the tenants.
  • Ensuring that leases are renewed at appropriate period and at prevailing rent in the market with due consideration to sitting tenants.
  • Ensuring that all leases are properly executed and stamped, and that all covenants, obligations and conditions are kept by all concerned.




After playing the role of an Estate agent, if so retained we continue playing an important role in the management and maintenance of the property. This includes:

  • Engaging in periodic routine management inspection of the premises to be abreast of the current situation and forestall any would be damage.
  • Engaging in rent collections through rent reminders, demands and rent drives.
  • Ensuring that landlord’s fixtures and fittings are in good state of repairs and prompt attention to all repair works.
  • Ensuring that the tenants covenants are strictly adhered to by the tenants and of course observing the landlords covenant on his behalf
  • Attending to complaints from tenants and making immediate arrangement with the landlord to ensure that genuine complaint are promptly attended to.
  • Keeping complete and accurate records of all transaction affecting the property.

Service Charge Administration:

  • Determine the quantum of service charge deposits payable quarterly, biannually or annually.
  • Demand for the service charge from all occupiers in advance and review at intervals
  • Maintain a daily account of expenditure; render account of the service charge either annually or bi-annually with monthly advice on position of income and expenditure.
  • Security arrangement. Here we shall make use of your already retained security men, retain/review their terms of reference and remuneration when necessary.




This is the core of our professional practice. We have the ability to place monetary value/price on an interest in land and property for a specific purpose. These purposes include: Mortgage, Letting/Buying/Acquisition, Sales /Disposal, Insurance, Rating, Taxation, Development, Going Concern, Rental, Probate, Royalty, Compensation claims, Compulsory acquisition, Balance sheet/Net worth, Mergers and Acquisition, Partition of Business enterprises, New Public issue, Liquidation, Repatriation of foreign exchange against sale of an assets, Issue of travel/immigration visa, Pre Investment analysis amongst others. This however can come in the following forms:

  • Valuation of Undeveloped Parcel of Land;
  • Valuation of Land and Building;
  • Valuation of Plant, Machinery and Equipment;
  • Valuation of Stock/Trading Inventory;
  • Valuation of Motor Vehicles;
  • Valuation of Lock Up Shops;
  • Mineral Valuation;
  • Valuation of un-exhausted Improvement on Land, amongst others.




We constitute part of a project/development team and our duties include but not limited to;

  • Engaging in Feasibility and Viability appraisals of intended project to determine the practicability and profitability of the development.
  • Assisting in acquiring land for development in suitable location, ensuring the survey and delineation/demarcation of the land.
  • Ensuring the perfection of title documents, coordination and preparation of valid lease and conveyance.
  • Securing Development Finance in the form of credit facilities (Loan) attaching important document of Valuation, Feasibility and Viability appraisals/reports.
  • Overseeing and coordinating all activities of the specific professional duties of the building team.




We carry out feasibility and viability studies on behalf of our clients/the investor to determine the possibility and profitability or otherwise of a potential real estate development. This involves:

  • Investigating the Federal, State and Local laws and political exigencies governing the proposed development.
  • Considering the practicability of the project from the legal, physical and social point of view.
  • Study of cash flow forecast, cost benefit analysis and comparison of profit margins to determine the profitability of the venture
  • Considering the Optimum returns derivable from the proposed development vis a vis the capital outlay/expended.
  • Advice on alternative project/development.